Greetings, we are Michael Tobias Design, luthiers of some of the finest handcrafted American instruments— welcome to our virtual studio!

We specialize in the creation of custom basses and guitars, with a great emphasis on sound, playability, and of course the look of each instrument. Every instrument is built-to-order, built to last, and built to match each player’s needs— but don’t just take our word for it, visit one of our dealers and try one for yourself!

We build approximately ten instruments per month, as experienced craftsmen in the design and construction of both electric and acoustic basses and guitars. Our current team consists of Michael Tobias, Daniel Tobias (Michael’s son), and long-time friend and associate Charlie Kniceley. 

Our knowledge and experience extends to consulting and development projects done for other companies, as well as our own. Such projects include the Lakland hollow body bass, the Modulus Genesis bass, a number of acoustic guitars, Alvarez (with Joe Veillette) baritone acoustic and ABG, and a project for American Showster (alongside Chris Hoffschneider).