My name is Jarek Konkol and I am the founder and the owner of Skervesen Guitars. The story of this brand, which goes back to the 1980s, is inseparably connected with my life’s story. The first guitars were handcrafted from scratch in the basement and at that time I found myself constantly searching for knowledge about guitar making and meeting with people I could learn from. It was a wonderful period that enabled me to gain experience and learn traditional guitar making, which – as it turned out – was fairly widespread in Poland. My determination for development led me to team up with the best guitars producing company in Poland at this time, where I worked for 12 years. This allowed me to further increase my experience and develop my craft. Each day of working with wood has taught me patience and respect to this material, which now bears fruit in my work at Skervesen.

In 1998, fascinated by CAD CAM technology, I devoted myself to furniture and interior design. This resulted in the creation of the company Commelina, which I run until this day. Somewhere around 2011, when Commelina reached the desired level of development, my old love for guitars was rekindled. This passion that I left aside because of my everyday responsibilities revived at the appropriate time. All my experience and love for guitars is now transferred to everything we do at Skervesen Guitars. Together with the team of wonderful people I have met on my path, we are now creating the history of Skervesen Guitars and invite you to witness it.