From humble beginnings of modding pedals to today with full fledge production of his original designed boutique pedals – Brian Wampler, CEO of Wampler Pedals, Inc. is helping create some of the world’s best guitar tones – one tone filled pedal at a time.Brian first and foremost is a guitar player and has always been a “gear nut” – constantly trying different guitars, amps, pedals, and every combination thereof – always with the same goal of trying to achieve the best tone possible! The quest for great tones has been a life long endeavor that started from the time Brian was a kid watching his older brother’s band practice “Don’t Tell Me You Love Me” over and over. Almost a decade later, Brian is still creating some of the world’s best guitar tones from his own boutique guitar pedal company.So why build guitar pedals for a living? In the beginning – every pedal on the market that Brian played just wasn’t producing the tones he was longing for. So instead of being unhappy with stock tones, he started tweaking and modding pedals here and there to get close to the tones he kept hearing in his head.
Ultimately, the tweaked pedals weren’t making the cut either and Brian started making brand new designs that didn’t sound like anything on the market – as a result Wampler Pedals was born and the rest as they say is history.With a great selection of current products and more new arrivals coming all the time, Brian Wampler continues to introduce world-class guitar tone to great guitar players. The process from guitar pedal creation to its release is sometimes a lengthy one however.