Aguilar Chorusaurus Bass Chorus Pedal – 25th Anniversary

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25th Anniversary Edition Chorusaurus

To celebrate their 25th year of business, Aguilar has released some of their most popular pedals in brand new finishes. The 25th anniversary edition of Aguilar’s Chorusaurus brings the lush modulation and sweeping waves that only analog bucket-brigade technology can provide. Bass players at Sweetwater favor the Chorusaurus for its ability to bring the harmonic characteristics of their bass into sharper focus and help it stand out in a mix. And with a small form factor and simplified controls—including Blend, Width, Rate, and Intensity, dialing up the perfect amount of chorus is no problem. Designed specifically for bass, Chorusaurus doesn’t suck out your low end, so you can take full advantage of its thick, velvety sound and add a new dimension to your bass tone.