Aguilar DB 115 Classic Black


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Description Move Serious Air with Aguilar Quality Tone Do you want to move serious air? Sweetwater recommends the 400-watt DB 115 from Aguilar. Fitted with a single 15? speaker with an integral phase plug, it pairs beautifully with Aguilar?s DB 751 head and is ready for the big gigs. You can even stack multiple units for stadium-filling sound. Aguilar?s DB series cabinets pump out the distinctive, full-range, eminently musical Aguilar signature sound, with a huge low end that lets you fill a thick mix. Buil

Aguilar 115 Bass Cabinet Features:

  • 8 Ohm rating
  • Custom Eminence driver
  • 1 x 15″ speaker
  • Delivers Aguilar’s distinctive, full-range signature sound
  • Punchy, warm lows
  • Pairs nicely with Aguilar’s DB 751 head
  • 13-ply baltic birch cabinet; includes removable casters
  • Built tour-grade tough in New York City