COOPER FX Delay Card

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The Cooper FX 'Delay' card is made for the Arcades console pedal. Simply plug it in, and you'll have access to eight different delay styles: Digitl, Revrse, Analog, Tape, Grains, Pitch, Multi and Enhold.

8 Delay Sounds

  • 1. Digitl – This is a classic sounding digital delay. Repeats are clean and sterile. Chorus and vibrato can be tacked onto the repeats.
  • 2. Revrse – A reverse delay with some unique twists, pitch/playback speed and direction control.
  • 3. Analog – Emulation of old-school analog delay with modulation and a unique fidelity control.
  • 4. Tape - Modelled on a tape echo. Allows for runaway oscillation, fidelity-tweaking and random modulation to nail tape warble.
  • 5. Grains – A unique granular delay which takes a delay buffer and chops it into grains.
  • 6. Pitch – Modelled after the arpeggiator modes on the Digitech XP-300. This is what happens when you put a pitch shifter in the feedback loop of a delay!
  • 7. Multi – Multi-tap delay with two taps proportioned by the golden ratio, with random modulation.
  • 8. EnHold – Envelope hold delay. Freezes audio when an envelope detector is triggered by incoming audio.