JHS Pedals Boss GE-7 EQ Magnum Mod

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We turn the GE-7 into a super low noise, hi fi graphic equalizer that can shape your tone as well as anything available on the market. You can dial in the exact frequencies that you feel your rig is missing as well as use it as a superb lead boost for those passages you want to stand out in the mix.

We replace the low quality op amps with high quality low noise chips as well as change vital capacitors that will bring a fullness and depth that wasn’t there before. The ranges of the sliders are also increased for more available tones to work with. You will have at your feet the ability to make your sound more pristine, focused or even lo-fi if needed. The thing that most guitarists never learn is that, if you want to stand out, it’s all in the frequencies. A pedal like this can make you sound like the albums you love to hear.