LR Baggs Voiceprint Acoustic DI


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Amplify Your Acoustic and Keep Your Natural Tone

The LR Baggs Voiceprint DI uses the company’s breakthrough Voiceprint technology to preserve the unique tonality and character of your acoustic guitar when it’s amplified. Developed over three years, Voiceprint uses an advanced proprietary impulse response to capture your guitar’s acoustic voice and map it onto the amplified signal for a jaw-droppingly natural sound. While the technology is complex, using it is anything but. LR Baggs Acoustic Live smartphone app guides you through the voice mapping process, which consists of a few taps on the bridge, some strumming, and some picking. That’s it! The Voiceprint DI pedal saves your acoustic’s voice map, and you’re ready for your next show! And if all of that wasn’t enough, Voiceprint technology hunts down your guitar’s feedback-prone resonances so that you can notch out potential squelch-inducing frequencies. Voiceprint DI also includes a fully-parametric EQ and can store up to 99 presets on the Voiceprint DI pedal and many more on the app. Guitarists at Sweetwater are sticklers about their acoustic tone, and the ultra-real sound of the Voiceprint DI has blown them away!

LR Baggs Voiceprint DI Features:

  • Retains the natural character of your acoustic when amplified
  • Powered by groundbreaking Voiceprint IR technology
  • Acoustic Live smartphone app guides you through the voice capture process, mapping your tone in minutes
  • Store up to 99 instrument presets on the Voiceprint DI pedal
  • Includes a fully-parametric EQ and feedback-eliminating technology