SUPRO 2042 Huntington II, Antique White/Alder


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Vintage Inspiration This newly-designed, short-scale bass combines the classic body shape of the early ?60s Ozark model with vintage-correct passive electronics and sonic inspiration from the Supro Pocket Bass of the same era. Although its scale is short, the sound of the Huntington bass is astoundingly large?boasting a tight, confident, buttery low end, articulate midrange and crisp highs. Gold Foil Pickups The unique Gold Foil pickups found in the Huntington bass are authentic replicas of the original ?

• Vintage Supro body design
• Set neck with black satin finish
• 2x vintage Gold Foil pickups
• Vol / Vol / Tone controls
• High Mass Bridge
• Ash, Alder or Mahogany body
• Pau Ferro Fingerboard
• Block Inlays
• 30” scale